Task 4: Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation

I feel that my work has been completed to the best of my abilities but some parts of it could be done even better like my research on 3 collage artist I couldn’t find much valuable information on ‘Julien Pacaud’ so my paragraph about his life.  I could make it better by try finding books about him and the other two artists to make it as much informative about them as I possibly could.

I have gained the knowledge of understanding how Photoshop works while doing my work, I always thought it would be much easier to use at first but it wasn’t, but the more I use it the better I become with it.  It takes a little bit to get use to but it is a very easy program to use once you feel confident with it.

I felt that the best part of my assignment was my moodboard, In that I had to gather pictures from the First World War and merge them altogether on one page. I tried to use some touching images and some funny pictures to show that not only was war a bad thing but it could also be fun to others. I could have made this better by using more images.

I also felt that my WW1 collage poster was a good piece because I put all my imagination into it but sadly I didn’t have enough time and images to finish it all but I wanted to really bring out my creative side in that part of my work and show everyone what I can do.

My propaganda poster evaluation was also one of my best piece of work too because I wrote in detail about each poster with meaning and how I really felt about each one of them I think it was good.

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