Task 1: Prepare a Proposal For a Media Product

Prepare A Proposal For A Media Product

Why go to war? What will it change, Nothing. So why do Countries still go to war if it doesn’t change anything, I believe that countries go to war to show which country has the best killers and best weapons, which is pointless.

War should never be an answer to solve any sort of conflict between countries all it does is put millions of people in danger of losing there. War creates tension between the people involved and puts a strain on many lives. All of the Army recruitment posters were sometimes used to offend the opponents, like this propaganda poster below.


I feel it was meant to anger the German solders, the poster even contains a word, which is used in a derogatorily way to suggest elements of racism, authoritarianism, or militarism against Germans.

The word is purposely placed on the bat to emphasise how much they aim to take down the German Army.

Most people who go to war probably have no clue what there fighting for. The only thing war does is lower the number of people on the earth no one has the right to take another persons life.

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