Task 7: Copyright Research

Copyright Research

Copyright was created in 1976 and has since then become one of the most important rules in our society today. You can just about have a similar looking logo or design like another persons on copyright.

Copyright is a legal document over a persons product, e.g. if I create a logo for a T-shirt or for a car design it is not allowed to be used for someone else’s company unless they have permission from the actual author.

If I was to try and use a copyright logo for my own purpose without permission from the original author I could get sued or even prosecuted for using the logo illegally and for purposes not allowed by the original author. If you was to buy a pirate DVD you are still breaking the law because you are going against the copy right law.

A copyright, which is often seen abbreviated using the symbol  © is used for protecting the following, whether or not they are actually published:

  • Writings, including publications, articles, music, lyrics, and books;
  • Designs, including logos, schematics, and ideas for designs;
  • Works of art, including photography, graphic arts, paintings, and drawings; and
  • Other “forms of expressions” and concepts (ideas) that have been expressed.

Nearly every logo you look at is under the Copyright law e.g. the worlds most famous fast food restaurant, McDonald. The companies logo is not allowed to be copied and used for someone else’s Private purposes unless they have been given permission from the original author. Nearly every single song writer or music artist piece of work is under the copyright law so there songs are not allowed to be downloaded illegally or by pirate copies, the copyright law on music lasts for 70 years so after the music has been under the law for 70 years it is then allowed to be downloaded freely without worrying about breaking the copyright law.

Copyright law has a special logo that they use on Copyright products and item, here is a example of what a copyright logo is, the may use one of the two images below. The one to the left is what you will see nearly everywhere as like a little small print.

copyright                                                                                             copyright 123

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