Self Evaluation For Podcast

Self Evaluation

I think that my Podcast was completed to a good  level, I didnt have enough time to complete it to the best of my abilities and I didnt get to include the things I wanted to. I wanted to have music playing throughout the podcast in the background but on a low volume so you could still hear me but have the sound balanced between my voice and the music.

I feel that from making this Podcast I have gained a lot of knowledge using ‘Logic Pro’ and feel that I could use the program again better than I have previously because I understand it more now. It is fairly easier to use now and i’m confident using it.

My Podcast isnt as clear as I wanted it to be it might also be low in sound as I didn’t have enough time to edit it and take out background noises, echo and ect. Also where I had the recorder positioned wasn’t the best, I didn’t want to sabotage my own work by moving it so I left it where it was.

My podcast could be better if I really focused and engaged myself fully into it, I also feel that it could have been made better if I added music to it over some bits where there wasn’t much speaking.

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