Difference Between Broadcasting & Non-Broadcasting

Types Of Non broadcasting & broadcasting


Non-broadcasting is something that runs on its own server it’s directly for you however with broadcasting its server is used by multiple viewers all at the same time.  Non broadcasting is not live and not in sync with the broadcasting server, some examples of non broadcasting are apps and websites like BBC iplayer, 40D, youtube and many others where you can watch a show a or soap online at anytime where ever and whenever. Often nowadays people watch shows online on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.


  • Watch it whenever.
  • Watch it wherever.
  • You can pause it.
  • Watch it on a wide range of products e.g. smartphones, tablets, & laptops.
  • Its easy to navigate.
  • Wireless
  •  If you don’t have Internet connection you cant stream the video.
  • Sometimes the site maybe down for maintenance.
  • It might take long to load or download.


Broadcasting is something that is live like a radio announcement and the BBC News, its not pre recorded it is live its actually happening as you watch it however it could also be non broadcasting if you watch it on Sky+ and you pause it because its not in sync with the server it has just recorded what has just happened so it could be classed as a non broadcasting.


  • Doesn’t need to load.


  • You cant watch it whenever.
  • You can’t watch it wherever.
  • You can’t pause it.


I often use non-broadcasting because I can watch it wherever I wanted e.g. on the bus or on my way to college.

I think that broadcasting can be better because it brings the family together. For instance in my household me and my family are hardly in the same room we are often in our own room watching something on either the laptop, ipad or tv, we only watch something together is if its on live tv.

In a couple of years time I think things will change to state where if you watch something online that’s not live you’ll still have to pay a fee similar prices of the tv licence. I also think that around 60% of the world will be watching everything online instead of live tv.

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