Voice over:

  • Most films are over dubbed with sound they re record sound in a stupid for better quality


  •  Soundtrack written for the film (audience cant hear it)
  • Music is used to dictate our emotions
  • Sound track is used to tell the listener what to feel
  • Some soundtracks are used to make you feel uncomfortable in horror films, they sound distorted
  • Stereo means two different channels mono means one

Incidental Sound track:

  • Exaggerated sounds; like closing a door, gunfire combat fighting
  • Something added in over the film but the person in the film should be able to hear all hem noises but not suppose to hear the soundtrack.
  • Example of this is in Lord of The Rings when the chain drops on the mountain and one of them pick it up it makes a loud noise to draw your attention to it.

       Wild Track

  • Captured sound
  • Wind, Trees & Beach
  • Wild track holds everything together because without it sounds would be coming into it into silence and it would sound weird


Examples of Atmospheric Soundtrack were used in Insidious when the Father of The missing boys imagination tries to recover his son where about in the dark. They used loud echos and movements to play with your emotions to make you feel scared. URL;

Examples of voice over sounds were used in The Expendables 2 in the opening scene the car driving down the desert.

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