Self Evaluation (Cooking With Veg)

Self Evaluation

I feel that my ‘Cooking With Veg’ audio video was created with a lot of creativity, I felt that by adding irrelevant sounds to certain scenes would bring humor into it. I wanted it to be similar to a short comedy with all the exaggerated sounds.  At times in the video there were some sounds that weren’t as loud as I wanted them to be, I could improve my video by having better quality sounds and having lowered some sounds at certain times in the clips.

Majority of the sounds were all taken off the internet, my wild track was chosen because the night before I started the project I was playing GTA 5 and the song came on and it was stuck in my head so I thought I might as well add it to my project and  it fell right in place.

Overall it could have been better if I added a bit more sounds and put them accurately in the right places.

Down Below are photo evidence to show how I downloaded audio and transferred them onto my Cooking with Veg video :

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.44.09

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.44.25

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