Group Proposal

Group Proposal


Title: ?

 Duration: Quick 20-second introduction of the group and the topics each one of us will cover. The Documentary should be at least 4 minutes long, we aim to spend 1minute on each topic.

Location: 99.9% of it will contain old achieve footage and images with voice over’s.

 Subject Matter: To show what clothes they wore during the war, also we will talk about the roles women had to commit to. We will also talk about the equipment.  Lastly we will show how technology has changed because of the war.

 Target Audience: We will try to interest most teenagers between the ages of

16 – 21.

 Outline of the idea & content of the proposed idea: Show how weapons, technology and equipment have changed since the First World, also how it helped women to become more independent workers.

 What is the purpose of the product: The purpose of our documentary is to show how the First World War has changed the way we live, the way technology has just suddenly transformed.

 Describe briefly the research you have undertaken:  We have visited ‘The Imperial Museum’ to get some information also we have been on ‘Google’ to get footage & pictures to add in to our work.

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