Script & Risk Assessment


Scene Audio
1 First shot will be filmed in a room with 3 actors all talking and laughing. The sound of laughter and talking.
2 Someone bursting through the door. Actor number 1: (worried voice) Guys didn’t you hear what just happened?
3 Everyone stares at actor 1. Actor number 2: What happened then you lazy sod.
4 This scene will be based on a flash back of what just happened, it will contain a big of combat. Fast tempo song that teenagers might like
5 Another part of the flash back Hip Hop song
6 Continue flash back Hip Hop song
7 Fight scene Noises from the hit
8 Title Screen


Risk Assessment

Activity/Equipment Hazard/Risk Involved Action To Be Taken To Reduce Hazard
Wires and electrical cables Someone can trip over the wires and hurt themselves, particularly elderly. Keep wires neat and tidy in one place to reduce the risk of someone hurting themselves.
Tripod If the tripod is not put on correctly the camera and fall and break. Put the tripod of correctly. You will know it is on correctly when you hear a clicking noise. If you do not know how to place the camera on the tripod correctly ask a teacher for help.
Location you are going to be filming in. The area may be unfamiliar so therefore, you will not know the place very well. Also may not know if the area is fully licensed. Film at a place you are familiar with. At certain area you need a license to film, so it is good if you ask permission before you start filming.
Lights Hazard of lights straining in crew or cats eyes. This could damage their eyes. Keep lighting balanced, so the lights neither to much nor to low. Moreover, if there’s going to be a lot of light warn the crew and cast about it.
Vehicles moving through park grounds. The public not expecting vehicles in the park. Also young children will be around so it is not safe for them. Keep vehicles on the road no driving through the park. Keep an eye out that children will be around.
Cast and crew turning up on the right day and time. Cast and crew may not know when the day of the filming is. Ensure that the cast and crew are aware of the date and time of the filming.
All equipment is taken to the filming and everything is charged. Some filming equipment may not be taken this would mean you have to reschedule. The filming day. Take all equipment with you so the filming can be done.



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