Peope Of The Great War Film

People of the Great War    film

In association with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Supported by the Veterans Policy Unit




The First World War didn’t just happen on the Western Front and it wasn’t just about British

Soldiers, trenches in northern Europe or the muddy conditions usually portrayed in films

About that time. Many nationalities fought in the war, in many different parts of the world.

Frontline men and women had to deal with different types of conditions, from hot sandy

Desert, to freezing snow. There were also those who contributed to the war on the home

Front, manufacturing munitions or working on farms. This variety is not often highlighted and

Many young people may not know about the full scope of the war.

Is there a presenter? No

Is there a voice over? Yes by a girl.

Are there different v/o?  Yes

What is the structure of the documentary? The structure of the documentary goes like this:

·       Going To War

·       Design & Technology  (Equipment/weapons)

·       Combat

·       Rest & Relaxation

·       The home front

·       Love & Loss

·       Commeration & Resistance



Write SOS (Save our Souls in Morse code. Write your name in Morse code.


SOS in Morse code: … — …

My Name in Morse code: – .- …- .. -.

How does the film make you feel? The film made me feel


What can you see in the film that surprises you? Those even young men as young as 14 wanted to join the army.


What kind of people were involved in the First World War? Young men


Who did the First World War affect? England, Germany, West Africa, Australia & India


What is the significance of poppies for Remembrance? They grew on the fields were soldiers died so its now seen as a way of remembrance.


What different jobs did people do during the First World War? Looking after the crop on farms, being medics.


How many different places did people go to during the First World War? How can

You tell?


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