Introduction to Documentaries

Research; Documentaries

Introduction to Documentaries

The subject of the documentaries was about three Teenage Exorcists in America it was screened on ‘Vice’ youtube channel; the presenter of the documentary was called Charlet Duboc, she is a vice correspondent. She talked in a formal manor so that everyone understood her. Charlet the presenter done the voice over on scenes where there was old footage and photos, it sounded to me that she had a British accent. Old photos and footage were used to show that Exorcisms really do happen and what the outcome of it looks like. The camera work used in the documentaries was: CA, Two-Shot. Cut-In, MCU, EWS and VWS.

Some of the documentary was shot on location in an American church and in a church in Ukraine. I felt that the point of the documentary was to show that exorcisms really do happen around the word more than we think it does, and even teen’s perform exorcisms in there spare time.


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