Creative Media Sector GC 1-3

Creative Media Sector GC 1-3

Task 1: Choose Two Sectors of the media industry to examine:

1) Interactive Media

The Interactive media sector is a very adaptable Industry that overlaps into many other sectors such as television: Xfactor or social media Facebook. This sector is worth billions of pounds and employs over 40,000 people. People who work in the interactive media industry must be able to communicate clearly with others as with any other job and understand each other’s demands.

2) Television

The Television sector is the most popular form of entertaining and information. But the fast growth of the gaming industry is a strong rival. To work in the television sector you have to be highly qualified meaning gone to college and university. These people must also be adaptable because of the drastic changed in technology.

TV: Is British TV in a good state? Do we prefer American programmes? Why?

An example of Good TV programmes is ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Coronation Street’ these two shows are one of the biggest British TV soaps. Eastenders has been running for 25 years not and Coronation Street has been airing for just over 50 Years now, if these programmes were boring and viewers found it boring it would have stopped airing years ago but both between them they have over thousands of viewers each time it airs.

A good well known production company is Clerkenwell Films, this production company is what made Misfits a well known supernatural Drama that use to come on Channel 4 and E4 but has sadly just recently come to an end. Many young people of Britain watched it because it was entertaining and sometimes funny. They are viewed by most young viewers because they have a lot of beautiful actors in it.

Task 2: Choose Two Sectors Of the media industry I would like to work in.

1) I am interested in working in the TV Journalism sector. I would like to work on shows similar to ‘Top Gear’ & ‘Fifth Gear’. I find these shows entertaining, as I am a huge car fanatic. I would also like to become as rich and famous as Jeremy Clarkson as he is a legend in my eyes. From a young age I have always been watching ‘Top Gear’ and have seen nearly every single episode. In the TV journalism part of media I would have to do a lot of researching about what it is exactly I will be filming but luckily I know a lot about cars so research for me on this topic wouldn’t be boring because I enjoy researching cars. I know from research that “Top Gear” is a factual program when in fact all it does is entertain its viewers.

2) Another media sector I wouldn’t mind working in would be ‘Music Production Radio’ as I am an avid music listener, There is not a day that goes by where I don’t listen to music I always know when the latest albums come out. To work on live Radio you would have to have an understanding of what type of listeners you want to have and what you think they might want to hear. I really think that I would be good at this because I am a really confident speaker and when I’m out with friends or in a car they always ask for me to make CD’s for them to play because they enjoy listening to the music that I select so I think I am a good entertainer, and you need confidence in yourself to work in this sector and also an annoying voice which I have. I don’t really have a favorite radio presenter.




ASA Is a set as regulations if you want to publish advertisements. The organisation was started in 1962 by the advertising industry in order to resolve complaints about non-broadcast advertising. I feel that ASA wrongly banned the Volkswagen advert it to me felt like it was meant to be a humerus advert but i can see why they say it may be too violent. The link for the top ten most complained about advertisements is





Its a board of people that decide whether or not a film should get a specific age rating, they decide if it should get a higher or lower rating.

The ways that media industries identify films are by giving them age classifications, they do this so young viewers are not allowed to see certain things like in a age 18 film you can use sexual nudity, foul language, violent scenes and so on, whereas in a 12 rated film you cant use scenes like that.

In a 12a age rated film you moderate violence is allowed but it should not go into detail. You can emphasis on injuries or blood but not too much.

The difference between 12a and 12 is that 12a is what is shown in cinemas and 12 are what it shown on DVD, TV and so on.

In a 15 rated film it is pretty much a stronger version of a 12a or 12 rated film you can include scenes of strong violence, frequent strong language e.g. the F*%$ word, sexual references, sexual nudity, brief scenes of sexual violence, you can also use discriminative language and work to explore themes relating to this and you can also use scenes of drug taking.

Contracts = Contracts are usually associated to jobs a contract is what you sign up to do for example you can get a zero hour contract meaning you work zero hours a week but anytime something comes up you get called in to do it, they can call you in anytime of the day. Another type of contract is shift work you can get contracted to work a certain amount of hours like 9am-5pm or you get contracted to work Monday-Friday 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours a day.

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