East Is East Review

East Is East Review

Historical Events

  • East is East contains historical events such as, the war  in Pakistan over Kashmir.  It was in the film at one stage when Mr Khan was listening to it on the radio on how it had progressed.  The war was supposedly started by the Bangladesh Liberation. This party was ignited after the 1970 Pakistani election, the Awami League won 167/169 seats in East Pakistan. The word Kashmir means ‘Desiccated Land’. Another historical Event used in East is East was about Enoch Powell a poster of him was on one of the neighbours of the Khans window and quotes from Enoch were used in the film. Enoch was well known politician for his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech which was declared by the times as  “an evil speech”, in the speech he was pretty much saying he’s a racist and doesn’t believe in different races communicating and working along side one another.

What Drives Almost Every Scene in the film?

  • I feel the things that drive almost every scene in East is east are constant humour & banter between the family and just the silly little bickering at each other its something many viewers can relate to because there is almost always one relative that likes to cause commotion over silly things, like who ate the biscuit. East is East is a relatable film nearly everyone can relate to at least one character.

What Is The Root of The Family Conflict?

  • The stuff that triggered the family conflict were the arranged marriages set by the father who went behind his children’s back and found them their marriage partners without their permission. At the beginning of the film ‘Mr Khan’ Arranged his eldest son’s marriage but  didn’t succeed his son ditched the wedding and everyone in it. From it ‘Mr Khan’ felt ashamed and embarrassed. He wanted to gain back his pride by trying to arrange another one of his spouses weddings but again failed and he felt embarrassed of his family and felt they were not how he wanted his children to behave, they were the complete opposite to what he had wanted.

What Are The Themes of The Film?

  1. One Theme used in East  is East was culture, it was used to signify that not only can two people with different beliefs and traditions can communicate but that they can also get along well and even get married. It was also used to show the type of racism and discrimination immigrants of any culture might go through.
  2. Another Theme used in East is East was Racism, They used it to identify how one little word like the work ‘Pak*’ could be very offensively even if it wasn’t meant in the discriminating term.

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