East is East Review 2

East is East Film Review

East is East overall is a very funny & humorous film, I feel that many families can relate too it and can at least relate to one character from the movie. It has I higher age rating than I thought to be honest but it was a sensible rating because younger views may not understand some parts of the film like when the radio was on and ‘Mr Khan’ was listening in on the radio about the war in Pakistan about Kashmir also known as the ‘desiccated land’, both of these are Historical events from the 1970’s.

I felt that the things that drive almost every scene in East is east are constant banter between the family and just the silly little bickering at each other, its something many viewers can relate to because there is almost always one relative in a family that likes to cause commotion over silly things, like who ate the biscuit or something minor. East is East is a relatable film nearly everyone from all ages can relate to at least one character from the film.

Racism played a big part of the film they used it to identify how one little word like the word ‘Pak*’ could be very offensive even if it wasn’t meant in the discriminating term.

The Film consists of ‘George Khan’ constantly trying to find his children traditional Pakistani marriage partners and not wanting his children to marry a full English partner but yet he is married to their mother who is an English woman, so really and truly George is seen as a hypocrite by his children for not allowing them to do what he done.

East is East is a must see film, I’m almost sure that at least 90% of the viewers who have seen it would recommend it, it is very funny film to watch with close friends and family.

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