Task 3

Task 3; My Boy Jack

I feel that “My Boy Jack” was a great film that was based in the First World War period; it was a film for all ages to enjoy. The genre of the film was a War Drama and it was age rated 15.

The film to me was touching and sad because it felt as if I was apart of the family.

My Boy Jack was a easy film to engage in it wasn’t a difficult story to understand so you wasn’t spending half of your time trying to figure out what was going on.

I think that it was given the age classification 15 because I felt that there were a lot of emotional scenes that maybe some kids under the age of 15 wouldn’t understand.

The hole plot of the film was a really excellent plot because the director really thought about how they wanted the film to be portrayed, the part that I thought was really good was when the family was asking the soldiers in their sons platoon what happened to him, as the soldiers explained what happened they played graphic flashbacks of how he died.

 My Boy Jack showed how it was for families during the First World War and that even the richest of people still had something or someone they loved taken away from them, some people may have thought that rich people probably wouldn’t go through any suffering during that time.  Also lot of kids would have liked to watch it because of the actor who played the main character; Daniel Radcliff aka Harry Potter.

The film was given the age rating 15 because of the strong violence used, the strong language and frequent strong language some young viewers may find scenes like this exciting and interesting so it was good that it was put in the movie

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