Task 2

Task 2

My Boy Jack

I Studied a film called ‘My boy Jack’, the Genre of  “My Boy Jack” is a War, History, Biography; the story line went really well with the genres

The narrative of ‘My Boy Jack’ was about a young man called Jack and he worked his way to become a solider during the First World War. Firstly he tried getting into the navy but sadly that doesn’t work out because of his eyesight so he is forced to join the Army and become an officer. Throughout the film you are constantly reminded of the son, John (Jack) Kipling and his disappearances during the war.  It was a very moving film because its like you lost someone from your family.

In the film there is no strong language or sexual nudity, the film didn’t use any German language or any informal speeches it was all set with English speaking so young viewers and many others could understand what they was saying without having to read subtitles because they may not want to read.

It was classified as a 15 mainly because of the emotions used in the film it was done too emphasis how hard it was to live in the 20th century and to also lose a family member during the war.  15 rated films can contain strong violence & frequent strong language.

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